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02 Apr 2024

Straits Interactive's Capabara Generative AI platform driving unprecedented personalised support for startups and streamlining investor interactions

02 Apr 2024

Capabara, Straits Interactive's Generative AI Platform, Now Available for SMEs in Singapore

31 Jan 2024

Straits Interactive's Job Research Survey Reveals a Shift in Demand for Data Governance Roles as Singapore Executes its National AI 2.0 Strategy.

03 Jan 2024

Straits Interactive and SMU Academy jointly offer IAPP’s new AI Governance

Professional Training in Singapore


15 Nov 2023

Straits Interactive Unveils Capabara Suite of Software: The Next-Gen AI Capability Suite for SMEs

20 Oct 2023

Straits Interactive Partners with Foundry for AI by Rackspace to Launch AI Data Protection Officer on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

05 Oct 2023

Straits Interactive Launches Conversational AI and Prompt Techniques Course in Collaboration with SMU Academy

30 Aug 2023

Straits Interactive Cautions the Use of ChatGPT Clone Apps Due to Privacy Concerns and Potential Misuse

24 Aug 2023

Data Protection Excellence Centre’s Research Reveals a Majority of AI Applications Fall Short of GDPR and AI Transparency Standards

21 Jul 2023

Straits Interactive to Advance Responsible AI, Ethics, and Data Privacy in Singapore and the ASEAN Region

16 Jun 2023

Straits Interactive Recognised as an Outstanding and Promising Start-up at Singapore's First National Start-up Awards: A Testament to Resilience and Innovation

08 Jun 2023

Straits Interactive teams up with SMU Academy to launch the Advanced Certificate in Generative AI, Ethics, and Data Protection


21 Dec 2022

Demand for Data Protection expertise reaches record levels against the backdrop of growing regulatory requirements in ASEAN

20 Sep 2022

Straits Interactive and UTCC School of Law enter Memorandum of Agreement to professionalise data protection in Thailand

28 Jan 2022

Straits Interactive and the Asian Institute of Management enter Memorandum of Agreement to roll out certificate program to enhance Data Privacy and Data Protection skillsets

30 Nov 2022

OCEG and Straits Interactive unveil new Integrated Data Privacy Capability Model, certification, and training to strengthen data privacy programmes for organisations

30 Jun 2022

Call for graduates to target careers in data governance as companies embrace digitalisation and demand for certified talent surpasses supply

06 Jan 2022

Data Protection Excellence Centre warns of more COVID-19-related privacy breaches in 2022 due to digitalisation, emerging technologies and work-from-home surveillance

27 Oct 2022

Straits Interactive and Xynexis to Launch local Data Protection Excellence Centre to Help Address Shortage of DPOs in Indonesia

29 Mar 2022

SMU Academy and Straits Interactive announce new Advanced Certificate in Data Governance Systems


08 Dec 2021

Demand for Data Protection Officers (DPOs) continues to grow amid new regional Data Protection laws and requirements

27 Sep 2021

Straits Interactive launches Region’s First Certified Mobile Application Privacy-by-Design course at National Privacy Commission’s DPO Summit

25 Feb 2021

Straits Interactive partners The Media Consultants to offer Singapore’s First Crisis Communication and Data Breach Response course for Data Protection / Privacy Professionals

28 Oct 2021

Straits Interactive Gains Accreditation from the National Privacy Commission under the Training-the-Trainers Program (T3P)

27 Jul 2021

DITO Telecommunity affirms trusted provider standing with the signing of Data Protection-as-a-Service (DPaaS) contract with Straits Interactive

21 Jan 2021

Data Protection Excellence Centre Releases its Data Protection Trends Report for ASEAN and Singapore in 2021

27 Sep 2021

Straits Interactive launches Region’s First Certified Mobile Application Privacy-by-Design course at National Privacy Commission’s DPO Summit

11 Mar 2021

Straits Interactive and SMU Academy Launches Data Ethics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Governance Framework Course for Data Protection Professionals

06 Jan 2021

Data Protection related jobs double year-on-year despite COVID-19


09 Dec 2020

Straits Interactive partners PECB to offer ISO certification courses for Data Protection / Privacy Professionals

28 May 2020

Privacy Sweep of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Smart Apps in ASEAN

09 Apr 2020

Straits Interactive today announced ASEAN’s largest online community portal to connect Data Protection Officers and Professionals.

18 Sep 2020

SMU Academy and Straits Interactive launch the Advanced Certificate in Governance, Risk Management and Data Compliance

8 May 2020

Straits Interactive launches industry’s first integrated Data Protection-as-a-Service to assist SMEs to implement and manage their own Data Protection Management Programme

02 Jan 2020

Data Protection Excellence Centre identifies seven data protection trends in
ASEAN for 2020. Impending trends to intensify talent crunch (PDF)

27 Aug 2020

Data Protection Excellence Centre, research arm of Straits
Interactive Releases Findings of Industry's First Comprehensive
Data Protection Officer Survey in Singapore

27 Apr 2020

Straits Interactive and OCEG launch Proficiency Certificate in Data Protection and GRC as well as Practitioner Certificate in GRC using COVID-19 as case study

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