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 Do you have the trust of
your customers?

Data Protection Trustmark DPTM

Trustmark Journey as-a-Service for your
Data Protection Trustmark needs

Every day, consumers give their personal data to organisations for a myriad of purposes; and they expect their personal data to be used in a responsible and secured manner. 

So how can they tell one responsible organisation apart from the other that cannot demonstrate good personal data protection practices? IMDA Singapore has introduced the Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) certification as a gold standard for organisations to demonstrate accountable data protection practices. Organisations which attain this certification 

  • Increase their competitive advantage with customers

  • Deliver assurance to their business partners

  • Reduce risk by improving data governance standards


As a DPTM-certified company, there is no better partner than Straits Interactive to help you on your DPTM journey to obtaining the gold standard of personal data governance. Not only will you get access to the largest team of internationally certified data protection experts in the region, but you will also benefit from the proven training programme and management tools such as DPOinBOX adopted by hundreds of organisations. 


Let your journey with Data Protection TrustMark begin with us!  

How It Works

We will help you develop a roadmap towards certification based on the maturity of your organisation’s data protection practices and guide you through each step of the way.




Data Protection Trustmark DPTM process

Get Started Today!

DPTM certification process

Become the shining example in your industry. Start the race to achieve this gold standard of personal data governance with us!


DPTM Advisory & Service Implementation

  1. Guidance towards achieving DPTM Certification.

  2. Two-day In-house Hands-on Training: Advanced Data Protection Techniques: Data Protection by Design, DPIA & DPTM*.

  3. Advisory Services to achieve operational compliance with the PDPA*.

  4. Software to implement your Data Protection Management Programme (DPMP). 

  5. DPTM Assessor Service to assess conformance to DPTM requirements.

The final objective is DPTM certification for your organisation in the most efficient, and productive way, in the shortest possible time – assisted by our DPOinBOX Data Protection as-a-Service Platform.


* For our Singapore clients, this service is run jointly with Singapore Management University) where the Course and Service Implementation is funded under the SkillsFuture Series.  Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents are eligible for 70% course fee funding (excluding GST) for successful enrollment into approved courses under the Programme. This funding is applicable to both individual and company sponsored participants. SMEs as well as Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above will enjoy 90% course fee funding (excluding GST). Conditions apply.


Why Us?


Our Data Protection as-a-Service includes training modules that are eligible for funding
(only for Singapore).
Contact us to learn more.


Legal hours from specialised data protection lawyers.


An integrated software tool for DPMP (vs spreadsheets used by competitors).


Full data protection capability and competency roadmap supported by the DPEX Network Community.


Support from the largest team of Certified Consultants.
All of them are CIPM Certified.


Free resources supported by the DPEX Network for access to the latest updates on data protection best practices, training, research and support.
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5 key reasons_Software.png
5 key reasons_Legal Hours.png
5 key reasons_support.png

Data Protection as-a-Service Offerings

Click on the icons to go to the respective product page for each DPaaS offering
Premium Inhouse.png
Terms & Conditions apply
*Applicable to Singapore only
**Insurance brokered by Associated Insurance Broker (AIB). Applicable to Singapore and Malaysia only
Premium Support.png
Serves as a Support programme on top of the other DPaaS initiatives that provides outsourced advisory support for your DPO from a certified advisor for 12 months. Includes audit and review of data protection policies as well as choice of data protection training.
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