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Having difficulty looking for data protection training resources for your staff?

Sustaining Proactive Enterprise e-Learning with DPEX Network (SPEED)

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Save money, time and resources in putting together your own training content. Conduct multiple trainings at anytime, anywhere with our

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Improve learning experience with access to interactive multimedia content at your own pace and convenience

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Brought to you by DPEX Network
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Helps DPOs and their Data Protection Committee fast-track their PDPA staff learning programme.


This interactive e-learning module will traverse through the Information Life Cycle, and the data protection obligations and principles that are most applicable at each of its stages.

Case studies of actual enforcement cases will be used to illustrate how breaches can occur at each stage of the information life cycle. Learners also have the opportunity to understand the importance of policies and the actions to undertake to mitigate risks and the employment of accountability tools to protect personal data in the organisation. Components of the programme are also customisable - let us know.

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What Our Users Say

We have been using other PDPC e-learning material for staff training but we find that it may not be too ideal because the content is generic. 

With DPEX Network’s e-learning, we find the content structure is good because it is comprehensive and broken down into different obligations. The modular format allows us to pick and choose which to cover first in relation to the staff role.

Another good thing is I can login and logout at any time. Unlike PDPC material, we have to sit through the entire duration of 60 minutes to complete the module.

- User, Legal Industry

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