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What is

Data Protection-as-a-Service?

An integrated bundle of Data Protection Services that enable your organisation to train your DPO and setup Data Protection Management and Data Breach Management Programmes while we provide outsourced advisory support towards operational compliance with data protection requirements,
(with option towards Data Protection Trustmark certification and more)
Data Protection Training
Data Protection Management
DPOinBOX Privacy Management Software
Data Breach Management
Legal Guidance
Advisory Support

Data Protection-as-a-Service Offerings

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Terms & Conditions apply
*Applicable to Singapore only
**Insurance brokered by Associated Insurance Broker (AIB). 
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Serves as a Support programme on top of the other DPaaS initiatives that provides outsourced advisory support for your DPO from a certified advisor for 12 months.  Includes audit and review of data protection policies as well as choice of data protection training.
* Terms & Conditions apply
** Insured by Delta Insurance, brokered by Associated Insurance Broker (AIB).
 Additional Service Options*
  1. Training Planning Management Briefings and Training Planning Staff Briefings and Trainings
  2. Legal Advisory Support hours
  3. Certified Advisory Support hours, Internal PDPA Compliance Audit Policies and SOPs updates and review
  4. Inhouse Implementation Projects
  5. Additional DPOInBOX Subscriptions
  6. Additional eLearning Subscriptions
*Only Available for Premium-Support, Premium-Inhouse and Trustmark Journey
Free Online Webinar:
Data Protection-as-a-Service for SMES - Quick Start your Data Protection Journey
Date: 29 October 2020
Time: 3:00 - 4:30 PM
Limited Slots Available

Why choose 
Data Protection as-a-Service 
from Straits Interactive?

Why Us?


Our Data Protection as-a-Service includes Training modules which are up to 90% government-funded (only for Singapore).
Terms and Conditions will apply.


Legal hours from specialised data protection lawyers


An integrated software tool for DPMP (vs spreadsheets used by competitors)


Full data protection capability and competency roadmap supported by the DPEX Network Community


Support from the largest team of Certified Consultants. All of them are CIPM Certified


Free resources supported by the DPEX Network for access to the latest updates on data protection best practices, training, research and support.
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