Demonstrate Accountability in a Whole New Way

Delivering end-to-end data protection and governance as-a-service.

Capability Transformation

Our intelligent and context-aware governance platforms make it possible to collaborate and get operationally compliant quickly across the organisation.

Data Protection At Your Service

Let our DPOinBOX deliver data protection-as-a-service to help you demonstrate accountability to your stakeholders and be operationally compliant with data protection laws in a matter of weeks.

Competency Transformation

Transform the core competencies of your workforce so that they can build trust with your stakeholders.

Our hands-on training and certification courses from tertiary institutions, professional certification bodies have enhanced the competencies of thousands of executives, data protection and compliance officers, as well as legal professionals.

Systematic Collaboration

With the largest team of certified privacy and GRC professionals, and close working relationships with many regulators in the region,  we are in a unique position to collaborate with you to demonstrate accountability in a systematic way.

Why Engage Us?

Deliver end-to-end operational compliance to demonstrate accountability.

Achieve ongoing value through advisory and platform that enables

easy operations.

Accelerate compliance process through international best practices, customised policies and SOPs.


Asia's Largest Network of Data Protection Officers and Professionals


Fully Integrated packages to serve your Data Protection needs

  • Includes DPO Hands-on Course

  • Complimentary Advisory Sessions & Legal Support 

  • Personal Data Management Software

  • Get operationally enabled in 3 months!


  • Webinar: PDPA Advisory - Education Sector
    DPEX Network (BigMarker Platform)
    Mar 09, 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
    DPEX Network (BigMarker Platform)
  • WEBINAR: 2021 Personal Data Protection Trends - Impact on 3rd Party Service Providers
    DPEX Network (BigMarker Platform)
    Mar 11, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
    DPEX Network (BigMarker Platform)
  • TBD
    Evergreen Webinar: Singapore Data Protection Job Demand Research 2020 (expires 31 Mar 2021)
    BigMarker Platform
    An evergreen webinar (Hourly Playback)
    BigMarker Platform
  • TBD
    Evergreen Webinar: The Whatsapp Debate - To Move or Not to Move (expires 31 Mar 2021)
    BigMarker Platform
    An evergreen webinar (Hourly Playback)
    BigMarker Platform

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