Achieving GRC and data privacy to build trust among customers & stakeholders need not be complex, costly and time-consuming

·      Achieve systematic Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) & Data Privacy on our integrated platform
·      Collaborate with multiple internal & external entities across multiple locations
·      Use it with our professional services, any external consultancy or even independently
·      Track progress and actions through dashboards, intelligent reports & analytics

Introducing the book co-authored by our very own Kevin Shepherdson, William Hioe and Lyn Boxall!

“Much has been written previously for compliance officers, privacy professionals and lawyers about data protection laws in Singapore, Malaysia and the region. But this handbook is for the layperson – easy to read and practical…”
– Professor Abu Bakar Munir, Professor of Law, University of Malaya

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Are you ready for PDPA enforcement?

“ASEAN may become one of the world’s most active regions for data privacy legislation…”

Graham Greenleaf, University of New South Wales, Faculty of Law

Have You Started Your GRC Initiatives?

The top 5 GRC Interests:

  1. Desire to reduce exposure to risk (78%)
  2. Concern to avoid ethical and reputational scandals (75%)
  3. Desire to improve overall performance (55%)
  4. Need to tackle overall business complexity (47%)
  5. Expected regulatory intervention (47%)

KPMG Report – The ingredients for a strong Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) function in Asia Pacific

We enable platform interactions through the perfect Data Privacy & GRC framework
from a “People, Process, Systems” approach