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Data Protection-as-a-Service: 


Benefit from the Support programme on top of our DPaaS initiatives with
DPO assistance from a certified advisor to support your Data Protection Management Programme and Breach Response Management Plan
for 12 months. Includes Audit and Review of data protection policies as well as choice of data protection training
 Ideal for DPOs needing ongoing support and monitoring 
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Data Protection Training
Upskill or train a DPO professionally with a choice of 3 (DPOC, GRCP, CIPM, CIPT,
CIPP/A, CIPP/E)* courses
DPOinBOX Privacy Management Software
12 months access to our full edition of privacy management platform to manage operational compliance
Legal Guidance
In partnership with selected law firms, get a two hour consultation sessions for legal advice when you need it
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Data Protection Management
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Data Breach Management
Set up a Data Protection Management System to document data flow and manage risks
Put Data Breach response plan and procedures with Mock Investigation exercise
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Advisory Support
12 hours of advisory support from inhouse certified Data Protection experts (includes review of policies and procedures)

Includes DPO Advisory and Breach Management Support for

  12 Months 

Continue to Sustain - Train, Plan Implement Review, Audit and Tested in 6 months.

  What We Offer: 

  • 12 months DPO advisory support
  • Choice of Hands-On DPO Training, CIPM, GRCP, CIPT, CIPP/A, CIPP/E (3 pax) or Inhouse Staff Training,
  • Legal Support (2 hrs)
  • DPOinBOX – Full Edition (1 + 4 Depts)
  • eLearning (DPOinBOX)
  • DP Advisory Support (3 hrs x 4 sessions)
  • Access to monthly DPO Success workshop
  • S$250,000 Data Protection and Cyber Security Insurance** (Revenue below S$5M per year)
 Data Protection-as-a-Service – (12 months) 
Setup Data Protection Management Programme (DPMP) & Breach Response
Management Plan (BRMP)
  1. Compliance Assessment - Address and document your organisation's PDPA compliance risks.
  2. Data Inventory - Address and document your organisation's data inventory risks.
  3. Data Mapping - Address and document your organisation's business process risks.
  4. Onsite Audit - Assistance provided to conduct an on-site audit of physical risks.
  5. Risk Register - Identify and document the Client’s top 5 (five) to 10 (ten) inherent risks (with related treatments and controls) relating to the processing of personal data together with related treatments and controls.
  6. Policies/Procedures - Prepare and deliver templated data protection policies (“Standard DP Policies”) and, where applicable, standard operating procedures with assistance to support your organisation's data protection capabilities
  7. Incident Management - Document an incident management report through the DPOinBOX Breach Incident  Management module.
  8. Competency Assessment - Administer an online competency assessment of PDPA through DPOinBOX by for your organisation's participants.
*For our Singapore clients, this data protection training is funding is available.  Qualified Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents who are eligible, can take advantage of course fee funding (excluding GST) for successful enrollment into approved courses under the relevant Programme. This funding is applicable to both individual and company-sponsored participants. SMEs, as well as Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above, will enjoy a higher percentage of course fee funding (excluding GST). Conditions apply.
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Additional Service Options:
  1. Training Planning Management Briefings and Training Planning Staff Briefings and Trainings
  2. Legal Advisory Support hours
  3. Certified Advisory Support hours, Internal PDPA Compliance Audit Policies and SOPs updates and review
  4. Inhouse Implementation Projects
  5. Additional DPOInBox Subscriptions
  6. Additional eLearning Subscriptions

Why Us?


Our Data Protection as-a-Service includes Training modules which are up to 90% government-funded (only for Singapore).
Terms and Conditions will apply.


Legal hours from specialised data protection lawyers


An integrated software tool for DPMP (vs spreadsheets used by competitors)


Full data protection capability and competency roadmap supported by the DPEX Network Community


Support from the largest team of Certified Consultants. All of them are CIPM Certified


Free resources supported by the DPEX Network for access to the latest updates on data protection best practices, training, research and support.
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Data Protection-as-a-Service Offerings

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Terms & Conditions apply
*Applicable to Singapore only
**Insurance brokered by Associated Insurance Broker (AIB). Applicable to Singapore and Malaysia only