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Rising Above the Digital Tug-of-War

Recent technological advancements have intensified a digital tug-of-war that both threatens and fortifies the strength of our data privacy guardrails. The fast-tracked deployment of technologies such as Generative AI, often comes with minimal protocols which poses privacy, security and even ethical risks. Robust data protection and cybersecurity methods should be put in place to ensure more rigorous means of securing data, to withstand new threats brought about by digital transformation. 

Between 2020 and 2023, there were roughly 3,000 cyberattacks and 54,000 cyber threats and the Philippines saw a 400 percent year on year increase in cybercrime last year, coinciding with the recent proliferation and adoption of Generative AI. However, the key to navigating this complex landscape is not by shying away from innovation, but by understanding its risks so that we can leverage technology’s potential responsibly. Holistic internal governance that is aligned to business objectives is also essential.


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