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About SpiderGate

What is SpiderGate?

SpiderGate is an app that works on iOS and Android smartphones, and is part of a DNC Management System used by organisations to be compliant with the requirements of Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

Why is it called SpiderGate?

“SpiderGate” is an acronym for Secure Personal Information and Do-not-call Exchange & Response GATEway.

How does SpiderGate work?

When you make calls/send SMS messages through SpiderGate, the app connects to the DNC registry and your company opt-out list to find out if the numbers you are calling/sending SMS to are registered there. If they are, the app will block your calls/SMS from going through to protect you from breaking the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

Why should I become a SpiderGate subscriber?

SpiderGate is company-endorsed – Your Company encourages the use of SpiderGate because it has a comprehensive DNC management system that allows it to be compliant with the provisions of the DNC registry and Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Company agents who use the app and follow relevant DNC procedures will have company backing if complaints are made against them; and they will also enjoy the ability to check the company-maintained opt-out list. Agents who use their own DNC management system will have to provide their own evidence should a complaint be raised against them.

Convenience – Your calls and SMSes are automatically checked against the DNC registry and company opt-out list as you make your calls/send SMS. You also don’t have to worry about keeping track of the validity periods as SpiderGate does this for you. (Any scrubbed list that you obtain on your own must have a 60-day validity period, and from July, 30 days.)

Cost-saving – The checks against the DNC registry are free when you use the Hoiio-SpiderGate app to make calls and send SMS messages. You will only pay for the cost of the calls (3.4 cents/min vs telco *16 cents/min) and SMS (4.5 cents/msg vs telco *5.3 cents/msg). *Rates are charged when you have used up your monthly free talktime on your existing telco plan. Note that this applies for calls and SMSes made through the SpiderGate app and is subjected to a fair use policy of a maximum of 10,000 checks per day.

Lowest DNC registry rate – Even if you choose not to use SpiderGate to make calls or send SMSes, as a SpiderGate subscriber, you can scrub your contact list using the Small Number Lookup or Bulk Filtering functions, and enjoy the lowest, bulk rate charged by the DNC Registry itself – 1.07 cents per number checked. (Do take note of the 60-day validity period, and from July, 30 days.)

SMS Marketing – Send your own SMS blasts that include an Unsubscribe feature, as required by the Personal Data Protection Act. Remember to notify your Data Protection Officer of any Unsub requests made to you.

Do I have to use SpiderGate for all my calls?

According to the PDPC guidelines, you generally should check the DNC registry before sending B2C telemarketing messages. However, there are a few exceptional situations:

1. If the subscriber or user of the number has given the organisation clear and unambiguous consent in written or other evidential form for the organisation to send telemarketing messages to the number;

2. If the message falls within an exclusion in the Eighth Schedule to the PDPA (for example, if it is solely for the purpose of conducing market research, or for business-to-business marketing); or

3. If the organisation is able to rely on the Personal Data Protection (Exemption from Section 43) Order 2013 to send the message.

Source: Personal Data Protection Commission guidelines

You need not check the DNC registry to make personal or B2B calls.

How can I save costs when I use SpiderGate?

Free DNC checks – Your DNC checks are free (regular DNC charge is 2.5 cents per number checked) when you use the Hoiio-SpiderGate app to make calls or send SMS messages. There is a fair use policy of a maximum of 10,000 checks per day.

Lowest DNC check cost – If you have a list to scrub or need to do a small number look up, you can use SpiderGate to check the DNC registry and enjoy the lowest, bulk rate that the DNC registry charges for checking – 1.07 cents per check. This rate is offered with the DNC Registry only if you purchase $10,000 worth of credits, which will allow you 1,000,000 checks. (Source: DNC Registry Business Rules)

Lower phone rates – If you have a pre-paid plan with your telco provider, you will have a fixed number of minutes per month. Once you have used them up, start using Hoiio to make your phone calls – they cost only 3.4 cents per minute as compared to 16 cents charged by telcos. Click this video link to hear more from a satisfied customer.

Lower SMS rates – As with your phone calls, you can choose to use the Hoiio app to send SMS messages when you have used up your telco quota. Rates for SMSes are 4.5 cents per message compared to 5.3 cents from local telcos.

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