SME Personal Data & Cyber Liability Insurance

Get peace-of-mind with up to S$1M liability protection*.

Designed for SMEs with less than S$5M annual revenue.

As part of Straits Interactive's "Data Protection As A Service (DPaaS)" package, Delta Insurance's "Personal Data & Cyber Liability Insurance" protects your organisation against liabilities arising from data protection laws, management of personal data and the consequences of losing information. This includes credit card numbers, medical records, birth dates, passport numbers and other private personal information which can be stolen and used inappropriately. Equally the loss of corporate information such as intellectual property and proprietary information could severely disadvantage a business. With network attacks and security becoming a significant global issue, this plan covers your organisation for direct first party losses such as recovering lost or destroyed data, notification, monitoring and forensic investigation expenses and loss of income.


Crisis Management

  • Data Forensic Expenses – costs incurred to investigate, examine and analyse a computer network

  • Breach Consultation Services – legal assistance

  • Costs to Restore research, replace, restore or recollect software and any electronic data due to a network attack

  • Theft Resolution services - Centre Services, Credit Monitoring Services and Identity cation Services, Call Breach Responses Services

  • Notification - Public Relations Expenses

Third Party Liability – related to privacy, personal information; corporate information; Media and Social Media (including defamation, intellectual property rights and plagiarism.

  • Regulator Liability

  • Investigation Liability

  • PCI DSS Cover

  • Consumer Redress Fund

  • Business Interruption – includes net profit or loss and extra expenses as a result of a network attack on an insured’s network

  • Network Extortion Coverage – costs to avoid, defend or preclude network extortion

  • Personal Reputation Cover

Qualification Criteria

Important Notice: You are only eligible for this SME ( less than S$5M annual revenue) offer should your company satisfies all the underwriting criteria listed below:

1. Your Business (including your subsidiaries) are not in the following sectors:
i. Social Networking Sites/Portals
ii. Adult Networking Sites/Portals
iii. Adult Entertainment Providers or Sites
iv. Online Trading Platform (100% online reliant and cannot trade without an operational website or platform to transact business)
v. Data Aggregators
vi. Online Gambling Operators
vii. Digital Currency Exchanges
viii. Credit or Debit Card Processors

2. Security Controls – Your business (including your subsidiaries) have controls in place for:
i. System security controls such as anti-virus, firewall or equivalent protection
ii. Access security such as passwords for all employees and other users with privileged access
3. Backup and Recovery – Your business (including your subsidiaries) have data backup and recovery procedures

4. Geographical Presence and Revenue –
i. Your Company is based in Singapore and do not have any operations in USA/Canada/UK/Europe

5. Network Link - Your business network (including your subsidiaries) is not connected to your parent’s or any main franchise’s network

6. Loss History and Circumstance –
i. Your business (including your subsidiaries) have not sustained any single loss or losses, including any
fines, of a type that would be covered by a cyber/data protection insurance policy
ii. You (including your subsidiaries) do not have knowledge of any act, omission, fact, event or circumstance that may give rise to a loss under this proposed insurance offer.


Policy excess of $1,000 - Applicable to each and every claim or insuring clauses)

Limits of liability is based on last 12 months of revenue.

  • Less than S$1M revenue – up to S$1M

  • Between S$1M and S$3M revenue - up to S$500K

  • Between S$3M and S$5M revenue - up to S$250K



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