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WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Part III - Uncluttering the misinformation and an Unbiased View

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

WhatsApp updated its terms of use and privacy policy, basically to notify its users that they have until February 8 to read and agree to the new terms. Failure to do so would lead to WhatsApp deleting the user’s account.

This move seems to have been misunderstood and even overhyped by commentators with limited expertise. Others with an axe to grind against WhatsApp / Facebook because of mistrust have shared somewhat biased views in view of alternative messaging apps citing them to be less intrusive.

In this article, we hope to give a balanced view from a layman’s perspective of what is happening and explain the specific context on how users will benefit besides sharing the privacy pitfalls to be wary of. Users can then decide the next steps.

In Part II we looked at what has NOT changed. Let’s look at what has changed.

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