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Increased financial penalties … Singapore takes a leaf out of the European Union’s playbook

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

By Lyn Boxall, Director, Lyn Boxall LLC

On Thursday 14 May 2020, the Ministry of Communications and Information and the Personal Data Protection Commission of Singapore launched an online public consultation of the Personal Data Protection (Amendment) Bill 2020.

One area of emphasis is strengthening the effectiveness of enforcement of the Personal Data Protection Act, the PDPA, by the Commission.

There are various initiatives in the proposed amendment bill that are directed at enforcement. A notable example is a proposal to increase the financial penalty cap.

I am fond of saying in training courses that, while no one likes to write out a cheque to pay a financial penalty, the costs of an investigation in terms of both lost time in dealing with the investigation instead of getting on with business and in terms of external costs, such as consultants and other experts can be much higher than the amount of any fine.

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