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Hands-on Data Protection Officer Training Programme

“I attended a workshop on PDPA conducted by another Organiser prior to attending this PDPA Course conducted by Straits Interactive. During the workshop, we were informed of the new regulation, how it will be affecting our work and the penalty for any breach. When I walked out from the seminar, I was overwhelmed with confusion and not sure how should I work on the compliances to this new mandatory regulation and what’s the role responsibility of a DPO.

“I was glad that I attended this Course conducted by Straits Interactive. It was a totally difference experience altogether – a better understanding of PDPA with clear illustrations and sharing. The approach and DPMS tools used for the training was impressive. With this tool, I was able to establish the status of Data Protection Compliance for my Company and most importantly, I have the Information Security Policy Manual established for my Company.

“Besides, we are able to save on the cost of engaging external consultants to write the Information Security Policy Manual.

“After attending the workshop, I was able to communicate with the various Heads of Department and Functional Manager in my organisation with confidence as a Data Protection Officer. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is searching for a clearer insight of PDPA. As for the Straits Interactive’s team, they were very professional in delivering the course – a fun and interactive experience.”

Wen NgAdmin Manager, APP Engineering Pte Ltd

“For such an intense subject, it is a pleasant surprise that the training is lively, hands-on and practical.

“The facilitators’ diverse backgrounds offer us useful insights from the angles of governance, operations and marketing.

“This DPO course takes away a lot of my anxiety on how I can go back to the office to implement the processes effectively. I am fully equipped with best practices, manuals, templates and tools to get started.

“Strongly recommended!”

Jacqueline WeeManager, Wealth Mentors

“I have always been skeptical about attending workshops, seminars etc. as most of them are purely superficial where we only get to “scratch the surface”.

“I have been thoroughly impressed with the level and nature of participation – concrete exercise, concrete examples, excellent analysis. The training has been very inspirational, energizing and involves lots of substantial and in-depth knowledge. It has certainly helped to ease the initial “how and what to do” thoughts after being selected for the course by my firm. You have certainly switched my mind into a positive thinking mode for the DPO role as the course progresses.”

Gary Loh, CA (Singapore), FIPASAssociate Director, Restructuring & Forensic, BDO

“This is an excellent course for any DPO and probably the only course that any DPO needs or should attend. This course is definitely very useful to me in the following aspects:

  1. Real-life cases are shared to improve learning and provide insights to the PDPA principles
  2. Step-by-step guidance is given on the tasks and preparations required to be compliant for the PDPA
  3. Useful software system is provided to facilitate the assessment process and generation of necessary documents such as data inventory map, data protection plan, information security plan, etc.
  4. Advice and sharing from a group of experts and practitioners

“This is a life-saver course for me, as I started off not knowing enough on what was needed to be done for my company to be in compliance for PDPA. After attending this course, I am now confident to be a DPO for my company and able to prepare my company for this new Act. Thank you very much.”

Lim Yueh PingDirector of Human Resources, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) Centre

“It has indeed been very helpful and provided tremendous support to enhance my knowledge on compliance towards PDPA now. Prior to attending this course, I have only been exposed to the 1 day workshop conducted by PDPC. Questions all over my head and a bit clueless as to where to start, how to start and what to do really.

“The material covered was detailed and appreciated the practical information provided. Of course, instructors were humorous enough and therefore make this subject interesting and understandable. Please create more awareness on the availability of this course to help others.

“Don’t attempt another DPO training without attempting this.”

Amily ChuaData Protection Officer, Crown World Mobility

“This course was above and beyond what I expected. Most PDPA courses I have attended have given me ‘pointers’ but this course gave me understanding and a great foundation to build upon. The instructors and consultants are knowledgeable and highly experienced in communicating the underlying principles and concepts. The Data Protection Management System (DPMS) is a powerful and well thought out program which is tremendously helpful in aiding the DPO and organization to achieve compliance with the PDPA and also documenting the process to realizing it.

“Overall, I find the course is well designed, insightful and definitely a value add to the DPOs’ knowledge and competency in applying data protection standards within the organization.”

Alex ChenChief Compliance Officer, Duxton Asset Management

“Upon completion of the DPO course, I am confident that I am now equipped and can then carry out my job as a Data Protection Officer in any organisation. And I would strongly recommend to attend and value for money.”

Cecilia HoAusGroup Singapore Pte Ltd

“I had attended several talks and seminars on PDPA and often left me somewhat confused and even more worried about how to put into place the necessary steps to ensure PDPA compliance by my company. Straits Interactive has however has structured its DPO programme to help DPOs like me understand and achieve PDPA compliance in a practical and structured manner. From covering basics on the PDPA, roles of DOP to guides to conducting data inventory audits, the 4 day interactive course forces you to think and participate. I also liked that students are also encouraged to ask any questions they have.

“Straits Interactive has gathered a group of trainers/consultants who are experienced industry experts and who are obviously enthusiastic and keen to share their knowledge. I would highly recommend this course to any DPO.”

Simon LeeVP, Legal/Risk & Compliance, EZ-Link Pte Ltd

“Thank you so very much for a very animating, insightful, enlightening and enriching 2-days DPO Training Course. Your excellent delivery exceeded my expectations. Initially, I have hoped to just affirm what I knew and understood about the PDPA but, instead I learned and benefitted much more than I would have imagined.

“Equally impressive were your presentation of the factual information, real-life scenarios as well as examples.

“Your DPMS is AWESOME! Systemically processing data and information look like a breeze.

“Last, but not least, your trainers’ and consultants’ openness to sharing, encouraging and patient guidance were immensely helpful throughout the 2-days training.

“Once again, my humblest and sincere gratitude for such a fantastic learning journey.

“Looking forward to Module 3!”

Shirley ChuaManager, Human Capital & Business Process, Zephyr Co. (Pte) Ltd

“The PDPA Course for DPO conducted by Straits Interactive is fun, interesting and makes one think. That definitely helps in one’s learning process.”

Edward ChanDPO, SavillsCKH Pte Ltd

“The course is well structured and participants are guided step by step throughout with a pool of experienced consultants.

“The training being interactive makes it interesting and engaging. The POPCON EXTRAS is extremely useful and the DPMS is impressive.

“I would recommend this course to all DPOs.”

Charlene LimAssistant Manager - Compliance South Asia & Australia/New Zealand, Asco Asia

“I had attended a half day seminar on PDPA and left me confused and unsure of how to go about to work on the PDPA compliance. I am very glad that I had signed up and attended the DPO course with Straits Interactive. This is the first time I had attended a course where the trainers and a group of consultants almost equal to the nos. of attending participants. The trainers and consultants are very experienced industry experts thus providing very good advice and support to the participants. Your DPMS is fantastic! I would highly recommend all DPO to go through this course with Straits Interactive.”

Susan LimManager - Accounts & Admins, Syntech Chemicals

“I am much more confident to take up the role of a DPO after going through the training. The trainers are knowledgeable and very open to share practical experiences with us. In addition, the DPMS system makes our work much easier. All newly appointed DPOs who have headaches should attend this course.”

Ken LimAssistant Manager, Human Resource, TAK Products & Services Pte Ltd

“I am amazed at the high standards Straits Interactive has shown in this course. Their facilitators are friendly and most willing to share their expertise to assist us in understanding how to formulate relevant policies that will better position our company. Coupled with their awesome DPMS system, the task of a DPO is made easy, to great extent. Straits Interactive has certainly set a new benchmark in DPO Course.”

Chin KLAdmin Manager, Mission Medical International Pte Ltd

“Thank you so very much for a very animating, insightful, enlightening and enriching 4-days DPO Training Course. Your excellent delivery exceeded my expectations. Initially, I have hoped to just affirm what I knew and understood about the PDPA but, instead I learned and benefitted much more than I would have imagined. Equally impressive were your presentation of the factual information, real-life scenarios as well as examples. Your DPMS is AWESOME! Systemically processing data and information look like a breeze. Last, but not least, your trainers’ and consultants’ openness to sharing, encouraging and patience guidance were immensely helpful throughout the 2-days training. Once again, my humblest and sincere gratitude for such a fantastic learning journey. Looking forward to Module 3!”

Shirley Christine ChuaManager, Human Capital & Business Process, Zephyr Co (Pte) Ltd

What’s this Data Protection Officer Training Programme all about?

Professional Services & System Offerings

“Straits Interactive offered us a complete compliance framework we could easily deploy which included PDPA training, a legal compliance audit with legal services, and the SpiderGate DNC management system. In terms of telemarketing and cold calling, we were looking for a system that offered shared unsubscribed list that could be used both centrally as well as by all our agents to filter out calls.

“What impressed us was that the system can identify a DNC contact even on a mobile phone and it also automatically checks with the national registry on our behalf. Hence, there is no need to manually do this every time a phone call is made. This allows us to confidently continue our marketing initiatives while ensuring we respect the privacy of our customers and prospects. This is in line with our branding as a global trusted real estate advisor.”

George TanSenior DirectorSavills Residential Pte Ltd

“The True Group, a leading fitness and wellness provider with multiple centres in Singapore, engages significantly in marketing initiatives to promote our services and offerings to both potential and existing clients. The introduction of the Personal Data Protection Act from July 2014, would certainly impact our business operations.

“Despite attending several PDPA talks and workshops, we were not equipped with the complete know-how to start this compliance project internally. The challenge we faced was how to engage multi stakeholders across the different job functions to align to the compliance act in the shortest time possible.

“After a series of reviews and evaluation, Straits Interactive Pte Ltd was engaged as True Group’s vendor for this project. We were impressed by Straits Interactive’s holistic framework that comprised People, Process and Systems. Through their Step by Step approach, the consultants and the legal team guided us through the compliance journey, offering their expertise and knowledge on the Process, Audit, Gap Analysis phases and bridged the gaps with new revised corporate agreements, as well as new Personal Data Protection policies.

“In line with the Do Not Call regulations, we implemented the SpiderGate DNC Management system for our phone networks to enhance our compliance process and to track the telephone sales processes. The systematic approach including the provision of the Data Protection Management System with its Management Dashboard and Compliance Tracking tools was very comprehensive.

“We will highly recommend Straits Interactive to anyone who is looking for a vendor with a comprehensive and systematic approach to gear the company towards PDPA compliance with the objective of delivering results.”

Patrick WeeGroup CEOTrue Group

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SpiderGate DNC Management System

“I was surprised how easy and quickly I could set up the SpiderGate DNC Management System for my online business. I found the privacy impact assessment useful in understanding where the potential privacy and data protection risks are in my company.

“As an SME, we are often not conscious about such risks when we collect, use and share personal data in our everyday transactions.

“Overall, the whole project was completed within a week, with minimal disruptions to my business.”

Lily ChanOperations HeadThe Olive 3 Pte Ltd

“Beautehub expresses its appreciation to the staff of Straits Interactive for their professional guidance towards the successful implementation of SpiderGate System. Lots of thanks especially to their Accounts Manager for her insights and thoughts.”

Shad SallehManager, Marketing & CommunicationsBeauteHub International Pte Ltd

What’s the SpiderGate DNC Management system about?