SpiderGate is a Do-Not-Call Management System that complements your telemarketing efforts.

It works by automatically checking and filtering out telephone numbers from your company’s centralized blacklist and the DNC registry with minimal disruption to your marketing calls, SMS and faxes to your prospects, and works in compliance with the PDPA/DNC guidelines.

Leveraging Hoiio’s award-winning technology, this solution is ideal to help your organisation comply with the DNC provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. It offers a complete suite of communication tools for voice calls, SMS marketing and faxes that maximizes productivity for your telemarketing efforts.


  • Companies looking to filter out DNC calls in office lines / Call Centers
  • Agents /mobile workforce looking for a mobile phone solution to automatically check the DNC Registry
  • Telemarketers looking for an all-in-one DNC management solution

Our SpiderGate solutions:

  • Standard Telemarketing Edition
  • Enterprise IP-PBX Phone System
  • Automatic filtering

    Numbers are automatically filtered out when you make cold calls, and send SMS and fax campaigns

  • IP-PBX solution

    DNC call barring services for your office’s IP-PBX phone system

  • Compliance tool

    Compliance module for Data Protection Officers

  • Company-wide DNC list

    Company blacklist management tool

  • DNC audit

    Audit trail of telemarketing activities in the case of violations

Why the name "SpiderGate"?

SpiderGate is an acronym for:

Information &
Exchange &

Clarification about SpiderGate

There have been accusations that Straits Interactive has had an unfair advantage from the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), or that the company has been misleading about whether the method in which it accesses the DNC registry is legal.

We would like to clarify that the PDPC did not provide any Application and Programming Interface (API) for the purpose of checking the registry. Straits Interactive has not received any assistance or endorsement from the PDPC in developing our technology. The speed of DNC registry checks by SpiderGate is achieved through our superior technology and innovation to access the registry.

In addition, when doing checks, SpiderGate complies with all the PDPA/DNC guidelines, ensuring minimal disruption to our customers’ business.

Mr. Kevin Shepherdson, CEO of Straits Interactive