Ideal for

  • Companies keen to validate their PDPA operational compliance according to international best practises and standards
  • Companies requiring annual audits from independent third party auditor – e.g. certified information privacy managers and technologies

What it covers

  • Assessment of operational compliance and audits conducted by a qualified privacy professional (such as those with the CIPM qualification) including:
    • Existing policies & practices
    • Privacy Impact Assessment of new privacy projects
    • Onsite audits to identify privacy and security risks
    • PDPA alignment with Global HQ practices
  • Gap analysis report and recommendations to strengthen PDPA practices especially from an operational standpoint
  • All audit findings and recommendations are delivered through the Straits Interactive Data Protection Management System so that clients can easily follow-up and track recommended tasks.

Note: All our advisors or trainers are Certified Information Privacy Managers or Technologists