Your Customers Expect Their PERSONAL DATA

To Be Handled With Care.

Is It?


About 80% of data protection breaches were due to organisations failing to comply with the Protection Obligation, leading to massive leakage of sensitive customer personal data which probably ended up in the wrong hands . However, many organisations are still unaware such cases are mostly due to employee error or negligence instead of malicious activity such as cyber attack. 


Your customers expect their personal data to be handled with care. ​Do you care enough to have the right operations in place? 

With DPOinBOX, your​ organisation can achieve operational compliance and demonstrate accountability for handling personal data competently.

Know what's going on, anywhere

We approach privacy from a governance perspective. Know what's going on across your organisation, departments even across borders.

Built for DPOs from real-world engagements.

Our platform is built from hundreds of client engagements so that you have a privacy framework that is compatible across any jurisdiction or standards

Intelligent alerts from real-time analysis

Let our data story-telling technology and intelligent inbox analyse your entries and make recommendation to help you achieve operational compliance.



Do you know the number of organisations breaching the Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore have jumped 2x in 2019?

By completing this form, you are deemed to have given your consent to Straits Interactive, to collect and use your personal data for the purpose of demonstration of DPOinBOX. You may refer to our Data Protection Notice here.

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