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Hands-on Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training (Corporate)

Duration: 3 Days

Course Fees:

SGD 5348.93

Training Partners:




Contact: 6974 8949 | 6920 5462

Email: courses@straitsinteractive.com

Approved TSC Skill for CITREP+ funding: Data Governance, Level 4

CITREP+ is a programme under the TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) – an initiative of SkillsFuture, driven by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and in partnership with strategic partners; Workforce Singapore (WSG) and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), as well as collaboration with industry partners and hiring employers. TeSA offers various programmes to support professionals to upgrade and acquire new infocomm technology (ICT) skills and domain knowledge that are in demand, and to stay competitive and meet the challenges of a fast-moving digital landscape. For a better understanding of the opportunities under TeSA, please visit go.gov.sg/tesacitrep.

Ideal For

  • Organisations that need to strengthen their data protection practices to foster customers’ trust and confidence to use data to maximise business value

  • Organisations setting up their Data Protection Management Programme

  • Train DPO who need to operationalise data protection requirements of PDPA

  • Newly appointed Data Protection Officers or Data Protection Executives unsure of their role

  • Personnel handling personal data such as HR, Sales & Marketing, Compliance, Finance, Internal Auditors, IT


With the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) now in effect in Singapore, organisations that manage personal data have to ensure full compliance with the law, or face financial consequences.This calls for a new position in organisations that manage personal data – that of the Data Protection Officer.


This 3-day Hands-on Data Protection Officer Training Programme equips professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) in Singapore with new competencies using a practical approach and borrowing from best practices, showing them how to implement, comply and stay compliant with the PDPA.


In addition, Straits Interactive provides Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) offerings to guide organisations with the following:

  • Offers a hands-on approach conducted by practitioners who are doing PDPA Audits in organisations.

  • An integrated Data Protection Management System software (DPOinBox) subscription between 3 to 12 months.

  • Includes 1 hour of legal guidance from data protection lawyer.

  • Includes advisory support from Certified Data Protection professionals.

  • Includes customisable policy templates and privacy/personal data protection notices.

Trainees will be tasked to complete a project based on their own organisational context as part of the programme’s assessment. This will be useful for the attending DPOs to assess their organisations’ current levels of compliance with the PDPA and take the necessary actions to address the relevant gaps and risks. By the time they complete the course, the DPOs would have started their compliance efforts for their respective companies and would have sufficient hands-on experience to continue and complete the project they had started.


The programme lays the practical foundation and competencies necessary for a career in the new era of compliance in personal data protection. Local workers will gain a valuable and niche skill set to increase their mobility and value-add to their companies.


We don’t just train you – we show you how to be compliant, complete with your own Compliance Manual, Audit & all the Tools you need!


…. all done by the time you complete the course!

…. with roadmap to International Certification

How are our deliverables aligned with IMDA's DPaaS @ SMEs Programme?

For more information on Straits Interactive's DPaaS offerings, click here.

Watch our course trailer video here:

Fees & Funding

Approved TSC Skill for CITREP+ funding: Data Governance,


Level 4 COURSE FEE S$5,348.93 (inclusive of 7% GST).


Please note that GST is not claimable. Includes 3 days of training over a period of 3 weeks.



12-months interest-free instalment payment is now available for OCBC cardholders. For more information, write in to us at courses@straitsinteractive.com.



For Corporate-sponsored applicants, this course is supported by CITREP+ which provides:

For Self-sponsored applicants, this course is supported by CITREP+ which provides:

Please note that CITREP+ funding is only available to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. For full details on eligibility criteria and application procedures, please visit: https://www.imda.gov.sg/imtalent/programmes/citrep-plus

MR code: CITREP+/FY21/MR/21-06/783

CITREP+ Programme Term:

01 April 2021 - 31 March 2022

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