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Is Your Organisation Handling Personal Data With Care?

About 80% of personal data protection breaches were due to organisations failing to comply with the Protection Obligation, leading to massive leakage of sensitive customer personal data (NRIC, personal phone numbers etc). Many of these cases are a result of employee error or negligence instead of malicious activities such as cyber attacks. 
With our DPaaS (data protection as-a-service) package, your organisation will embark on a 1 year roadmap towards being operationally compliant in protecting the personal data placed in your care.
During this time, your organisation will also be covered by a S$250,000 SME Data & Privacy Protection Insurance (underwritten by Delta Insurance for SMEs below S$5M annual revenue) against liabilities arising from data protection laws, management of personal data and the consequences of losing information*. 

Data Protection As A Service (DPaaS) 
12 Months Package - S$13,040 before GST 

(As low as S$7,040 after funding*)

Worth Over S$25,000 !

*where participants qualified for maximum 90% IMDA CITREP+ Funding


Personal Data Protection (PDPA)




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  • Regular remote engagement and support from IAPP certified Advisor to complete operationalisation roadmap (phone, email, walk-in)


  • 3 Full Days Hands-On Data Protection Officer (Corporate) Training for TWO staff, accredited by OCEG.
    • Learn how to run a Data Protection
      Management Programme 
    • PDPA Compliance Manual and templates
    • Identify risks and create operational action plan.
  • 1 Free Legal Advisory Hour
  • 12 Months DPEX eLearning Plan (50 pax), 
    • Train and test on data protection / company polices


*Includes up to
"SME Data & Privacy Protection Insurance" by
Delta Insurance
  • DPOinBOX ( 4 Seats) with the ability to identify risk and collaborate action across the organisation. Includes recommended actions and reports.

Need On-Site Advisory, Staff Training & Audit ?

Top up S$8,000 for DPOaaS package 

  • 2 hours legal advice from leading privacy law practice
  • DPOinBOX - Additional 2 Seats
  • IAPP certified privacy consultant  (6 man days per year) to achieve PDPA compliance* including
    • On-site Audit (1 Site)
    • On-site Staff Training (3 hrs ) - Principles of Personal Data Protection
    • On-site Advisory 
*Shared services only ( HR, Finance, IT, Admin)
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