William Hioe


Head, Regional Consulting

William Hioe, who is a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), brings with him more than three decades of ICT experience in the government and public sector, first as an assistant director in Systems & Computer Organisation, MINDEF, and then as a senior director of strategic planning at the National Computer Board (NCB) / Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). Currently, he is the managing director of Cynergie Consulting Pte Ltd, a company founded by him to offer consultancy and training services in strategic ICT planning, strategy development, policy formulation and enterprise architecting.

During his career in the government and public sector, William Hioe has built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise in ICT planning, development, implementation and project management in such diverse areas as human resource management, financial management, logistics management, procurement management, decision support systems, wargaming, and command and control systems. At NCB/IDA he was involved in the visioning, strategising and development of national-level ICT masterplans, namely IT2000, Infocomm21, Connected Singapore and iN2015. He was also responsible for ICT policy research and formulation in such areas as secure e-transactions, digital signature, anti-spam, and data confidentiality and privacy.

As a lead consultant of Cynergie Consulting, William Hioe has played an active role in consulting with government bodies in the region on the visioning, strategising and development of a municipal-level ICT masterplan, an enterprise architecture for a national statistics organisation, and a national-level ICT industry development strategy and policy for a government department.

William Hioe graduated with a B.Sc.(Engg) in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of London and a Masters in control engineering and operational research from the University of Cambridge. He is a certified enterprise architecture practitioner from The Open Group, a professional organisation responsible for spearheading the world-renowned TOGAF enterprise architecture framework and development methodology.