Angela Schooling

Marketing & Communications Director

With more than 25 years experience in product, sales and marketing within the IT & Marketing Services industry, Angela oversees all communications, marketing events and customer engagement in Straits Interactive.

She has held various positions in the course of her career, allowing her to develop a deep understanding of business and channel development, infrastructure and outsourcing as well as campaign, media and communications project management and execution. She has worked in both multinationals and start ups and finds that the best way to get business done is to ‘get down and do it’ within the processes and framework of the company she works in.

Her job stints have seen her work in companies that include Singapore Computer Systems, NCS, BMC, NEC and Acxiom. While at Acxiom, Angela played an active role in the Direct Marketing Association of Singapore (DMAS) and was the Head of the Data Council.

Passionate about visual communications in the new age of content and technology, she also manages a photography practice that helps clients communicate their story.

Angela graduated from Staffordshire University with a Graduate Diploma in Computer Studies.