Straits Interactive delivers end to end governance, risk and compliance solutions that enable businesses to create a trusted business environment and achieve responsible marketing, especially in the area of data privacy and protection. We help businesses achieve operational compliance and manage risks through a combination of cloud technology and professional services and enable platform interactions.

By adopting a life-cycle approach to operational compliance and risk management, organisations are able to:

  • Assess risks and compliance status
  • Protect against these risks and implement policies/practices
  • Sustain compliance efforts through audits, training and ongoing monitoring
  • Respond to queries or incidents

Software-as-a-service include the Data Protection Management System, and Governance, Risk & Compliance System, all of which are supported by professional services that include advisory services, audits, and training.

Why choose Straits Interactive?

  • We have the largest team of certified privacy professionals in Singapore
  • We are the regional partner of International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and Open Compliance & Ethics Group (OCEG) – organisations that provide international certifications
  • We provide an automated platform for professional services and in-house compliance teams
  • Our key business partners in Singapore and Malaysia provide credible, value-added services
  • Our technology partners have supporting solutions to our services
  • Three members of our team co-authored “88 Privacy Breaches to Beware Of: Practical Data Protection Tips from Real-Life Experiences

Straits Interactive is an Official Training Partner of Open Compliance & Ethics Group (OCEG).

Straits Interactive is an Official Training Partner of International Association of Privacy Professionals.



Straits Interactive is a Corporate Member of International Association of Privacy Professionals.